Florence Area Democratic Club

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The activities committee is responsible for developing recommendations for a variety of activities for the Club during the year as well as participation in community events. 


The membership committee is responsible for developing programs and ways to increase membership in the Club. The committee submits program suggestions to the Executive Committee for review and then to the membership for approval.


The nomination committee is responsible for developing a slate of candidates every two years to run for officers of the Club. The committee submits the slate of candidates to the membership for voting on in December of odd number years. 


The program Committee is responsible for developing suggestions for programs and speakers at our monthly meetings and special events. They submit recommendations to the Executive Committee for review and approval. The committee also assists the Executive Committee in making arrangements for programs and speakers.

Political Action and Awareness

Formed in December 2016, this group aims to keep members informed of actions that can be taken, such as connecting with our Members of Congress, to resist attempts by the Trump Administration to overturn policies that represent the values of the Democratic Party's  platform. 

Office Committee

This committee works to open and operate a Democratic Campaign office in Florence for three months prior to November General Elections. The goal is to help get out the vote for all campaigns for Democratic candidates, and for measures that are endorsed by the Democratic Party.

Ongoing & Special Projects

Voter Registration

Candidate Support

Mobilizing Voters

Manage an Office in Florence to coordinate Democratic Candidate campaigns, for 2-3 months prior to November General Elections.